Dear students and young medical colleagues,

It is a great pleasure and honor for me to invite you at Medical University – Pleven, Bulgaria for participation in the 15th Anniversary edition of the International Medical Scientific Conference for Students and Young Doctors with the motto Science: Uploading…

The traditional youth forum is organized by our medical students with the purpose of attracting their colleagues from the whole country and abroad in order to exchange useful ideas, knowledge, experience and medical practices.

I am extremely proud to welcome you at the venue of the event - our unique facility Telecommunication Endoscopic Center with experimental operating room and two training simulators. The Center defends the competitive and innovative image of our University with an emphasis on developing telemedicine and robotic surgery with two robotic systems, 3D studio for Live Surgery demonstrations and 3D dissection table.

In recent years Medical University - Pleven is an associated partner of the European project Researchers’ Night which has as its purpose to open the doors of universities and research institutions in order to demonstrate the society how research can practically improve people’s quality of life.

One of the recent slogans of the European Researchers’ Night was Knowledge triangle, which represents the unity and interaction between research, education and innovation, the key drivers of knowledge-based society. This means that new possibilities are created only when knowledge is shared between those who generate it and those who apply it. And scientific achievements and results will have no meaning unless they are oriented towards improving people’s quality of life and health.

Dear young colleagues,

I think that the practical realization of the Knowledge Triangle is our common aim and through successful scientific forums like this we are on our way of fulfilling it. So, we can start now - Science: Uploading…

Prof. Dr. Slavcho TOMOV, MD, PhD, DSc



Dear colleagues and friends,

Once again it is our pleasure to welcome you to the International Medical Scientific Conference for Students and Young Doctors with this year’s motto ‘Science: Uploading…’

It has been fifteen years since the International Medical Scientific Conference for Students and Young Doctors was brought to life, aiming to motivate, challenge and inspire fellow students and young doctors from around the globe. Over the generations we have been constantly advancing, rapidly growing and broadening new horizons. Not only does science provide us with endless knowledge, it also brings us the joy that we can share, that we can upload.

Curiosity is our driving force and as long as we keep asking questions and seeking their answers we will never stop trying to improve ourselves. Our conference is the ideal place to do so and it is our privilege to share it with everyone!

We are happy to welcome you to the XVth International Medical Scientific Conference for Students and Young Doctors!

We look forward to meeting you!