Dr. Petya Chaveeva is a Fetal medicine and intrauterine fetal surgery specialist. She graduated from Sofia Medical University in 2007. She completed residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology. From 2010 to 2013 she has completed a 3-year residency in Fetal medicine and Fetal endoscopic surgery under the supervision of Prof. Kypros Nicolaides in King’s College, London, UK. Dr. Chaveeva is also certified in fetal echocardiography, Doppler ultrasound examination, ultrasound examination in cervical assessment, invasive diagnostic procedures – chorionic villus sampling/amniocentesis.

Dr. Chaveeva is currently head of the department of Fetal Medicine in SAGBAL “Dr. Shterev” Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria. She is the first doctor in Bulgaria to apply three innovative techniques: fetal laser surgery as a treatment for transfusion syndrome, intrauterine blood transfusion, minimally invasive surgery for diaphragmatic hernia. She frequently participates as a lecturer in medical scientific events all over the world and has varies scientific interests in the area of obstetrics and gynecology and fetal medicine.

Dr. Chaveeva is a member of Bulgarian Medical Association, Bulgaria and General Medical Council, UK.