- Female sexuality and gender differences

- Female sexual response (Masters and Johnson's Four-Phase Model)

- Diagnostic classification of sexual dysfunction in women (after H. Kaplan's Three-Stage Model)

- Shortcomings of the "three-phase model"

- New classification proposals (Basson et al.2003, International Consensus Development Conference on FSD, Paris 2003)

- „Circular sex-response“- the model of R. Basson (CMAJ, 2005)

- Biological factors of female sexual dysfunction

- Psychosocial factors in female sexual dysfunction

- Socio-cultural change in sexuality: Sexual norms and sexual morality - current trends

- Two clinical cases and treatment


Evelina Lambreva Jecker was born on May 9, 1963, in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. She graduated from the English Language School in Russe in 1982 and received her medical degree in 1989.

She has been living in Switzerland since 1996. A Doctor of Medicine since 2002, she has worked as a psychiatrist-pshychoterapist, senior physician and clinical lecturer at the Department of Psychosocial Medicine at the University Hospital in Zurich. She has also completed the three-year program in Gender Studies at the University of Zurich. Since 2016, Dr. Lambreva Jacker has been working as a psychiatrist in Lucerne and as a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Evelina Lambreva Jecker has authored several poetry books: Leap Toward the Sun, published in 2006 and Closed Window in 2007. Forthcoming are her short story colleciton The Train to Amsterdam (to be published in Bulgaria), as well as her poetry book in German Sammle mich… (Collect me…) in Switzerland. The translation of Closed Window in Serbo-Croatian is to appear in a matter of weeks.

Evelina has been a member of the Union of Writers in Zurich since 2006. Her poems have been nominated to be awarded in two international poetry competitions in Italy, in Monza (2006) and Eboli (2007) and have been published in an anthology and a specialized poetry journal. They have also been published in anthologies in German and Serbo-Croatian.