Professional qualification and working experience:

Associate Professor Dr Roumen Bostandjiev, MD, PhD, is graduated in Medicine at Medical Academy – Sofia in 1983. He has speciality in Psychiatry and qualifications in Individual and Family Therapy in Person-Centred Approach (1990-1994, Prague, Czech Republic) and Psychodrama Training and Therapy in Training Program of Moreno Institute (1990-1998, Uberlingen, Germany).

In 1993, he also passed specialization in Sexual Health Education and Promotion in Nederland and Belgium. Dr. Bostandjiev was trained in First International Academy for Sexual Medicine in 2007 (Oxford, UK) and 2008 (Lisbon, Portugal, and Rome, Italy).

He has more than 35 years of therapeutic experience in Sexology, Family therapy and Psychosexual Therapy. For the first 15 years of his therapeutic practise, he has worked at the Department of Sexology in Medical Academy – Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2000, he founded a Private Institute “Interact” in Sofia where he is practising till now.

Since 2006, he has been working as an associate professor in Burgas Free University. He is lecturer in Psychology Program in Department of Humanitarian sciences. He also present lectures at Medical Faculty in Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridsky”, Medical Faculty of Thracian University in Stara Zagora and National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia.


  • “Sexuality and Health” (1998), Ciela Group – Sofia, (Monography in Bulgarian)
  • “Sexology for General Practitioners” (2000), Znanie, Sofia (Monography in Bulgarian
  • “Sexology and Family Planning” (2000), Znanie – Sofia (Monography in Bulgarian
  • “Freedom to Love” (2006), Sluntse Publishing – Sofia, (Monography in Bulgarian)
  • “Erection”, Bayer Publishing, 2007
  • More than 80 scientific articles, including 15 papers presented on international congresses.

Dr. Bostanjiev is also a co-author of Program “Biology and Health Education” for students in Bulgarian schools.


  • European Federation of Sexology
  • European Association for Sexual Medicine
  • Bulgarian Association for Psychotherapy
  • Bulgarian association for Sexual Medicine

Bulgarian Psychological Society