Prof. Dean Mann, MD, PhD

Intra-tumoral Dendritic cell injection combined with radiation induces Cellular and Antibody Tumor antigen specific immune responses

Kenichiro Hasumi, MD

Administration of Immature Dendritic Cells Combined with Chemo & Radiation for Naïve Stage IV Patients Suggested the Better Sequence of Cancer Therapies

Prof. Maksym Pogorielov, MD, PhD, DSc

Nano – and Microstructured Surface for Dental and Orthopedic Implants – New Perspectives

Assoc. Prof. Dobromir Dimitrov, MD, PhD

Future  and  Perspectives  in  Minimally  Invasive  Surgery

Assoc. Prof. Ivan Lambev, MD, PhD

Web-Based Education in Pharmacology and Selected Drug Information 

Assoc. Prof. Andrey Loboda, MD, PhD

Iron  Deficiency  Anemia  or  Combined  Trace  Element  Insufficiency  in  Children  of  Early  Age

Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov, MD, PhD

Some  Challenges  in  Contemporary  Medical  Practice.  Personal  Experience  and  Discussion

Capt. Georgi Popivanov, MD, PhD

The Wars and the Medical Progress – the Contribution of the Military Medicine. A State-of-Art Review

Dr. Boris Tablov

Advanced trauma life support

Svetla Blazheva, MD

Basic  Tumor  Immunology

Horatiu Moisa, MD, PhD

The  Hidden  Anatomy  in  Michelangelo’s  Paintings  on  the  Sistine  Chapel  Ceiling